Harmony in your being

Service and Soul Love

Tree Guna is a fusion of cultures into Service and Soul Love.
We are a team of certified therapists with many years of experience, committed and dedicated with passion to our work.

Full Immersion

We created this retreat through professionalism and simplicity with the intention to facilitate a full immersion experience where we dedicate 100% of our attention to you.

Grow and Heal

Our Mission is to guide people through love and compassion bringing awareness back to the true nature of their Being, providing the tools for their personal growth and healing process. We believe that everyone has the capacity to look within and connect with their Heart center, the Divine within, to reclaim their birthright nature to Joy, Peace and Wellness.

Re-Treat your Self

We offer a new way to Re-Treat the Self at all levels, in Harmony with the elements, within and without, to honor and respect the body, the temple of our Pure Essence, that piece of eternity we all carry within our Hearts…

Who we are

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Ready for your full immersion experience?


Dear Tree Guna,
Thank you for an incredible life-changing, soul-shifting experience.  What an honor to spend a week in your healing program  – it touched me in so many ways with physical, emotional and spiritual healing. And your location in Costa Rica provides some of the most beautiful tropical surroundings –  both beach and jungle.
As I ponder on the past week, I am so impressed with the dance of yoga, diet, massage, nature and Ayurvedic philosophy that you beautifully intertwined.
  • John, you and your magic hands provided incomparable massages – I experienced unparalleled healing on both physical & spiritual levels.
  • Flora, you prepared the most delicious meals – I never imagined vegan food could be so delicious and your Ayurvedic wisdom was amazing.
  • Sylvia, your yoga was exactly what my body needed –  your beach classes were some of the most beautiful I have ever participated in & I loved your ’tools’.
I am so grateful for the love, expertise and wisdom you exhibited in sharing your healing gifts, especially important as I deal with advanced cancer.  I felt lovingly held every step of the way.
Thank you, Tree Guna for the beautiful blessings you bring to me and to the world.
With love & gratitude,
Shannon Duke
Revelations Inc.
Calgary, Canada
Shannon Duke


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