Living the Journey

Arrive at San José International Airport and transfer to a comfortable Hotel nearby to spend your first night in Costa Rica.
Early morning transfer to the National Airport for your flight to Limón, the main Caribbean city.
Private transfer to Puerto Viejo, your final destination.

Welcome to the "Caribe"!

We´ll enjoy together a delicious breakfast with fresh tropical fruits and local products. A warm welcome to introduce ourselves and explain your program.

Ayurvedic Diagnostic

Ayurvedic consultation will be your first confidential approach with our therapist.
Doshas diagnostic will reveal your true nature and make the program tailored to your needs.

Ayurvedic Massage

Daily Ayurvedic Massage will keep you in a deep state of consciousness and connection with your natural Being.
Special Oils and Essences are used to invite calm and peace. 

Daily Yoga Practice

Daily Yoga sessions approach different kinds of styles and breathing exercises. Aligning the mind with the heart is the way to harmonize your energy and be aware of the present moment. No matter your level, you will be taken care of, just open your heart and let it flow!

Meditation and Healing Therapies

Meditation and beach walks, mantras chanting and Tibetan bowls, flowing with the vibration of the healing sounds, are also part of the program.
Other therapies will be incorporated if needed, depending on your physical-emotional condition.

Healthy Vedic Diet

Daily Healthy diet, specially studied according to your body type, with vegeterian meals based in the Vedic tradition.
Organic and whole foods stimulate the palate and cleanse the mind. During our cooking class you will learn how to prepare an easy Ayurvedic detox meal on your own. One day of Juice Fast, silence and meditation will be an experience full of surprises.

Enjoy Nature

We'll dedicate your last day to visit the National Park and have a fun pic-nic in one of our beautiful and secluded beaches.
Puerto Viejo is Costa Rica’s Caribbean's pearl!

Fire Ceremony

The Fire Ceremony will end the program. It is a time for the integration of your experiences, sharing your feelings and expressing gratitude. A celebratory delicious Caribbean dinner will follow the Ceremony.


From here on you are free to manage the rest of your trip as you like.
We are happy to assist you with your way back to San José, a prolonged stay in Puerto Viejo or any other destination in Costa Rica.