December 3rd to 9th – Wellness Group Retreat Caribbean Costa Rica –

Breath of Wellness, Wild beaches, Yoga & Ayurveda Massage. A Retreat specially built for small groups Just before the end of the year, why not recap on your current state? Are your emotions balanced and is your body in harmony? During this Retreat you can share and interact with other people through selected group therapies […]

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Yoga is the Sanskrit word for Union. In ancient Vedic times it was regarded as a way of life for the few who choose a path of austerity and isolation in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, which according to the Vedas, is the ultimate goal for all humans. In a broader sense however, Yoga can become […]

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Traumas in life are due to our incapacity to process and digest certain trigger situations in our lives. At some point we find we’ve accumulated ‘baggage’.  Bad lifestyle (ex. irregular sleeting hours), poor eating habits (ex. binge eating), un-assimilated food substances (ex. Highly processed foods) or un-released waste products (ex. obstruction of sweating process or […]