¨Harmony in your being¨

Service and Soul Love

Tree Guna is a fusion of cultures into Service and Soul Love.
We are a team of certified therapists with many years of experience, committed and dedicated with passion to our work.

Full Immersion

We created this retreat through professionalism and simplicity with the intention to facilitate a full immersion experience where we dedicate 100% of our attention to you.

Grow and Heal

Our Mission is to guide people through love and compassion bringing awareness back to the true nature of their Being, providing the tools for their personal growth and healing process. We believe that everyone has the capacity to look within and connect with their Heart center, the Divine within, to reclaim their birthright nature to Joy, Peace and Wellness.

Re-Treat your Self

We offer a new way to Re-Treat the Self at all levels, in Harmony with the elements, within and without, to honor and respect the body, the temple of our Pure Essence, that piece of eternity we all carry within our Hearts…

Are you seeking a healthier life?

A soulful week

This is not a classic Holiday-Retreat but an intense personal workout; a week with depth, where you will face your true Self in the appreciation of the present moment.
Bring clarity through physical-emotional detox and find peace of mind from the pure intention of your heart (Sankalpa) it is a joyful gift!

Find your Flow & bring back Balance

Everyday stress from work-family-relations, emotional and physical issues (…) are common themes that block the flow of good energy in our bodies and keep us down.
¨Harmony in your Being¨ is a full immersion experience into yourself that will help to bring balance to these aspects of your life that need to be reviewed.

Get a new prospective

The concept of Retreat can be considered as a way to see ourselves from a different prospective of observation, from where to start a new chapter in our lives.
This is your opportunity to take care of your being from a plane of Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude, which you naturally belong to.

Open the wings of your heart

Allow yourself to see the beauty that is in you

Bring some Harmony into your Being