Yoga & Ayurveda


Traumas in life are due to our incapacity to process and digest certain trigger situations in our lives. At some point we find we’ve accumulated ‘baggage’.  Bad lifestyle (ex. irregular sleeping hours), poor eating habits (ex. binge eating), un-assimilated food substances (ex. highly processed foods) or un-released waste products (ex. obstruction of sweating process or constipation) are causes of excess accumulation of unwanted substances in our bodies.
These accumulations of un-wanted substances, together with the un-wanted ‘baggage’ we’ve accumulated in our psyche are referred to as ‘toxins’. When our bodies become over-taxed with toxic un-wanted waste, it becomes difficult to cultivate good health and success in life.
Our bodies hide, so to speak, these toxins deep in our tissues, colon and subconscious minds.
Each one of our specialized therapists will be tackling these toxins from different angles in order for you to release as much as possible during your week here with us. Consider this a week of thorough cleansing for your body and psyche.
Your daily diet will be vegetarian, organic and rich in fiber. This is to promote compassion on an emotional level, energy on a physical level and cleanliness on a mental level. Your day of juice fasting is to encourage clearing the bowels and preparing them for higher absorption of quality nutrients.
Research is reveling what Ayurveda has been preaching for eons, i.e. that there is a strong connection between our colon’s absorption capacity and the state of our minds:
a clear colon is a clear and peaceful mind; an obstructed colon is a mind that lacks the capacity to digest difficulties in life.
Our Ayurvedic specialist is an expert cook that uses spices according to the Vedic tradition to enhance simple organic ingredients into mouth-watering bites of inspiration and gratitude. Your menu will be a fusion of classic Mediterranean diet with Ayurvedic savoir-faire and local Caribbean organic ingredients and flavors.
Our Massage therapist will use appropriate oils that nourish the skin (our largest organ) while soliciting your deep tissues to release crystalized emotions.
Our Yoga therapist will use the most appropriate exercises to stretch your mind, open your heart and poor your longings out with compassion and loving surrender.

To detox is to let go and create the space needed to welcome new joys into our lives.